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Iran has always had surprising sights for all kind of visitors in last century, like when archeologist interpret cuneiform glyphs or when Persepolis excavated and facts about 3 millennium before us get uncovered, when silk road allocated on current maps or when government try to revitalized blurred image of glamorous and heroic ancient kingdoms…
… and now Iran is representing itself as a full pack of nature, culture, history and comfort travel destination, where large scale cities with historical sites and daily cultural incidents and natural landscapes are in touch. At a same country you can explore and find endlessly your own cozy spot in a village, mountain, valley, forest, ocean, market, … and get introduced to new ideas, faiths, cultures, languages, …
To thank this generous gift and grace its unicity, GOZAAR tour and travel agency try to enrich its characteristics and suspend it with ease and serve ones who eager to know and communicating IRAN.

Cross over desired dreamt world to keep its heart beating and extend its borders.

Persian ground Jay/زاغ بور

Podoces Pleskei’s jay / Persian ground jay / Zagh e bour, is an endemic species of crow bird in Iran which spreads in most of internal dry/semidry lands of country and thanks to blond/light orange color of feathers and nice singing is respectfully followed by Iranian bird watchers and nature fans.

Pleskei’s Ground Jay or as its more locally known, persian ground jay is a small bird, long as 25cm, and what if is able to fly but mostly prefer to run and walk. It flies for short distances only for emergency or risks. It runs fast and nimble on ground. Actually in human scales 20km per hour and turning zig zag on that speed should called very fast.

Iranian local people call this bird “Zaq e Bour”. This verbally means “blonde Raven”, which is almost expressive about this bird. They aren’t afraid of humans and nesting on mid size bushes like Tamarix or Haloxilon. People like them and believe they bring luck to neighbors call them as shepherds roaster, Because in mornings sang continuously and gentle around herds.

Normally hunts bugs and insect or collecting seeds and flower. A special habit had observed in their manner that still remained strange. In most of their times they try to collect and bury seeds in different spot and never return to dig it back. Seems that they try to aggregate something.
They mate for every year and female lay 3-5 eggs and sleep on them for three weeks and both help to grow chickens. They define a territory for 500m diameter and protect it against same specie.

Gozaar Travel Agency, due to respect this locally endemic bird, had inspired its logo from abstract scheme of this bird, and following its habit for seeding, try to grace heritages and help to base developed
future for people.