Dizin / دیزین


Elevation: 2700-3700 m

Lifts: 15 different Gondola, chairlifts

Distance from Tehran: 70km, 2 hours Drive

Resorts: two Hotels, guest houses, hostels

Snow & Slopes:
all slopes are faced to north with the most less sun, Snow falls almost 4-5 months as powder in higher altitude

Working hours: No snowmakers, but runs in some nights according to weather condition.


According to direction of Alborz mountain range and wind direction beside elevation of surrounding peaks snow starts in October in some years and in 30-40 days it fall for more than 20 times and hand a suitable amount of snow pack to start working. From very early snow fall they start to move and save snow with heavy machines in popular directions. in January or Feb with lower temperature easily you can ski on powders in higher altitude. Gondola works and lift skiers almost to the peak at 3500m. Also with a short tour its connected too another ski resort in neighboring valley, Darbandsar.


Major climate stream runs from west to east in Iran and due to formation of Alborz mountain range in same direction winds can run fast even in bottom of valleys and falling snows are mostly grabbed and packed in eastern deadened valleys. Exactly where Dizin located. It has a 3000m barrier in eastern side an main valley is faced to north which in northern atmosphere is a key factor to save snow from sharp sunlight of dry Iranian plateau.


Dizin Ski resorts started working 1960’s when country was facing off as western style. It was very mismatching to local’s lifestyle when they left valley for winters and came back in summer with herds for green gross. But ski had change their economy very fast and now its rolling on everything.
Machines and bases of ski resorts of Iran have mostly Austrian mode and remind northern Alp for many visitors. In Dizin 4 different gondola lines lift skiers or visitors. Well equipped restaurants even hosting families for weekends. Besides 3 more chair lifts and 9 other surface lifts skiers could spend 4-5 worthing hours on skies. In valley bottom there are two 4 star hotels with number of restaurants and caffe for after ski pleasures.

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