Shiraz / شیراز


population: 2 million

area: 240 square km

language: Farsi (different dialect)

climate: hot semi arid

industries: Agriculture( rice, cotton, citrus)
Art crafts (carpet, inlaid)

souvenirs: Sweet bakeries


Archeological findings or historical research didn’t reported any clear background for Shiraz before 7th century .C.E. What if a similar name for a city had mentioned in Elamite text but no evidences confirmed settlement in current position. Even in Islamic era in history when there was ambition and decisions to establish a big capital there, but in reality it was under shadows of Istakhr, great Sassanid center. This location had agricultural or other strategic potentials but always natural crisis like flood or quakes and other greater close options like Istakhr influenced its destiny.
First time in 10 C.E, those were turkmen Seljuks Turkmen that decided to establish a capital and build surrounding walls around shiraz. Many of them gathered here and mixed with locals. They were interested in Persian culture and established a great empire based on local architecture, science, mythology, theology and art.


Primary location of city was few kilometers to the south-east of current location. Seasonal river which brings flood to the current Maharloo lake has been always washing southern foothills of slopes on its left. Former location was more safer on right plain of river bank with stable ground and access to water. Nowadays, water is less and massive constructions as a big canal helped a lot to control the floods. most of surrounding natural prominencies are steep rocky and easily conduct heavy rains in winter & early springs. temperature in winter times could get minus and falls to -15, when summers are always hot as 44 degrees and humid. Combination of 1600 elevation and other characteristics caused to having green image in different corners of city, specially in northwestern part of city that almost covered with trees


Form 11th.C that shiraz had attract all concentration of Seljok rulers, it had always been remarkable for its atmosphere. It was a part of their policy to collect all respected persons in literature and science and invest on them to themselves to their greatness. Shouldn’t be forgot that it won’t came through unless to have this understanding or trust to consulars. Mystic allegation of powerful nature with rhythmic & philosophical words of poets when is sang in royal colorful constructions, handed a delight feeling of smooth safe order in globe, encouraging greatest good deeds deep down in your heart as well as relaying to destiny.
Shiraz, currently is known as city of “flower and poetry”, Where welcoming smell of citrons amusing along gentle whispers of aerial songs.

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