Tabriz / تبریز


population: 1.5 million

area: 324 km²

language: Azerbaijani (different dialect)

climate: humid continental climate

Car factory
Chemical and refinary
Agriculture(Floor, Fruit, Herbs)
Art crafts (carpet)

souvenirs: Sweet bakeries


Based on rare archeological studies made around early history of city, oldest evidences report a settlement of human groups in 1000 B.C. In Assyrian tablets city of Tauris was mentioned not so far from current location. Sassanid evidences confirm inhabitance in current location. Muslim conquerers emigrated yemeny tribes to this places to establish a new culture but Ilkhanid commanders were been the first who chosen it as their capital and construct in large scales. Remaining monuments representing a developed city in trade and industry.
Tabriz has a bad resume on overall damages from invades or crisis. Once a quake destroyed all city as an abbasid caliphate wife decided to rebuild it and help survivors.
But in contemporary era Tabriz played a very important roll in modern destiny of Iran. First movements for constitutional elections triggered by its people, obviously a full height revolution.


Tabriz, with almost 1400m elevation, located on smooth slopes and safe northern plain of an old eroded volcano, named Sahand. Two different seasonal river crossing city. Economy and life style are not so depended to these rivers, because main garden and farms are a bit farther to slopes. Climate is another reason. City has nice springs with smooth rain falls. but in dry summers temperature could rise to 40 and sharp sunlight will harm in long hours. In Autumn, Rain falls start again and continue as snow in winters when temperature falls to -30 some nights.
Maybe that is one of reasons for constructing longest covered corridors for bazaar of world.
Current city is surrounded by industrial towns with small and heavy industries which caused permanent pollution.


Azerbaijanian routs of tradition had effected every aspect of culture in Tabriz, the same as Shiat believe and Iranian passions. When you listen to music from this area composition will completely reminding classic Azerbaijani music but sounds totally strange for Azerbaijanian people, designs for carpets or painting include national and Azerbaijani symbols at the same time. People are so related and sympathic to their nationality and there have been days that they shout patriotic songs and demonstrate on streets. They have their own dance, music, literature, …

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