Tehran / تهران


population: 15 million

area: 18,000 km²

language: Farsi (different dialect)

climate: Semi arid, Steppe, Alpine

Car factory
Chemical and refinary
Agriculture(Floor, Fruit, Herbs)

souvenirs: —


Tehran’s history as a city could only be old as 300 years, till the time that great rulers decide to make their residences close to their hunting yard. But as the history of Tehran’s territory, several cities are included in and some of them has archeological evidences as old as 4000 years. Ray as as the most remarkable name in historic and prehistoric text had been a capital for median governors and mentioned in Assyrian tablets. Also Famous silk road which was main trading corridor from 5th .B.C was passing from this area and triggered its development.


Most obvious geological incident in Tehran area is its mountain range, Touchal. This local range with 3965m as highest peak stretched in east-west direction and stands as barrier for western winds and absorb all water from yearly snow and rain falls and preserve it all round year. What if its not enough any more, but it plays a definite role to conserve vegetation and parks in surroundings. There are six main valleys deriving their water to tehran plains, that finally concluded to two main streams on east and west sides of city, ending to southern wetland or salt lake. existence of these mountains had gifted possible rainy days all round year and white peaks for more than half of year. Average Minimum temperature for winter days might fall to -15 degree when summer days might feels hot like 45. Industrial activity and overpopulation had changed local climate for city in recent years. Snow fall became to a rare happening and temperature in city center reports 50 degrees in summer.


This location always had migrants as majority. Selected as general capital for social and cultural matters, beside great exchange and dealing market, generated an easy going and fast temperament to inhabitants, where accuracy and hurry is a major factor to its persona. People here, might not be recognized with special dialect or face, but they are obvious for self confident and self steam that city had gave them instead of hardworking. In Tehran, more than any other cities you will find public cultural centers like cinema and galleries. A remarkable effort started 50 year ago to face off old style to a modern look. They pictured Tehran as its ancient role on silk road, a hub to connect trades and cultures, flights, rails,…
That image still decide for general plans.

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