Geographical location of Iran, had gifted the most worth-full heir that a nation could have. Mesopotamian civilizations since 4th mil.BC had influenced basic understanding of nature and regulation of life here, there origins and nested three biggest current faiths of our time, thus north western nation in last 4000 years, seeded their style in economy & politics in ground of primitive rules. Social behavior of eastern invaders beside easy going local rulers, handed a great opportunity to irrigate a digesting culture which grows in dry and wet lands, in far valleys and low salt lands.
This culture welcome any other idea and reform it. This attracting enemies and turn them to friends.

Iranian culture admires generosity and forgive, Its very sensitive and conservative to its believes, and also welcoming a reform. Strangers are guest and guests would have the best.


Increasing affections of virtual communication and global flood of information via social networks, trigger several changes in people understanding of life. In Iran also, you could easily recognize superficial factors of global social stages and family regulation. Not in every city, for every family, but, It seems patriarchy is loosing and kids are ruling. Mature and elders are not the source of information and experience anymore, and new emerging technologies, specially targeting youth, convinced young parents and they lost their confident to rule children. But amazingly in behavioral and emotional crisis of Iranian families, suddenly you observe a very instinct persona that act primitive, which elders have highest rank and youth follow.


From very small and basic section, national instruction and rules are mandated and observed. People in Iran, vote for neighbor consul, selecting eligible candidates, who can continue for specific period same as city consul and national parliament. Iranians Also vote for presidential election. This democratic action has been running for 140 years, but ethnic unwritten rules and understanding of Ideal condition always comes first and Iranians prefer to see Their relatives or family members in neighbor consul, or neighbors in city consul, or city client as chief parliament or have a president from Their city or state, because Iranians respect ancestral tribal priorities more than new democratic rules, says closer relations provide deeper trust.


Religion has always had an very important rule in Iranian private and social life, hence they get it as a faith, as a way of living, not just a routine for social benefits. Same as many other nations, faith will draw policy and priorities in Iran. That indicates forms and define stages, touching designs and choosing colors, interpret history and explain future. Iranians accepted this style and developed their nation under this fact, they might changed its name, but in a very basic structure of last 27 centuries, government looked for it and people respect it.


In every city across Iranian culture borders, there are building or monuments lasted for more than 500 years. In a country with many seismic activities and very changing climate, stand for long term demands a hard labor and studied works. Also need a decisive rich employer to encourage and invest on it. Lords and ruler are the main position who had this power and normally those building reflects their Idea. Like composition of spaces in mosque which drafted according to levels of power in ruling court or geometry of ornaments that comes out of Ideological definitions. But when we look into living houses, demand was security & comfort. Planning on local material was one of main rules for ideal architects and when ever it ignored, a weakness appeared in time. Design and ornaments also has special character in Iranian styles. Its easy to recognize blue color or endless repeated motifs which smells like Persian garden…


Everybody likes art, beauty of a form or unreal impressive color in a piece of art which reminds a delight memory or opening a new window to dreamed world of our mind. Art piece are normally fixed, stable and untouchables, hardly could carry years of history in itself or take part in normal life actions. If you could Imagine a piece which designed according to respected pictures of your mind and reminding dreamed colors of nature and let you touch and feel its softness everyday, even walk on it, sleep on it, or in one word, live on it, you could have a CARPET.
Material and designs would differ due to origin, according to social and cultural personalities. Sometimes it is 1×2 meter soft silk folding carpet designed with turning motifs of impressed flowers and trees, and one another is a simple non geometrical 3-4 blotch of color, thick as 5cm which just could be rolled.


Music is another remarkable aspect of Iranian culture. Just a hundred year ago, thanks to great effort of few masters, it classified and noted in international discipline. Based on archaeological text and reliefs Its known that primary theory of Iranian music included main modes, sectional modes, and melodies which handed a 360 different compositions, related to number of days in year and performed in royal court in 5-7 century A.D, including various instrument and female chorus.
There are not much remaining of those glorious days. Nowadays, there are seven modes and 12 derived modes and several specific melodies.
Even after several affection and changes through time, simply we could sense Iranian rhyme, from Northern Osetia in western Europe or Gujarat of India.

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