Future for Iran

National pride and highly trusted ideological believes of Iranians, beside enormous natural resources and vary culture, gives them strong confident in social and international affairs.

Imposed Incidents and crisis of last four decades, paralised Iranian senses and threshold of reacting against hard condition is far beyond normal standards. Hence all world still depended on oil and gas and luckily half of it derived of Persian Gulf and its famous strait of Hormoz, Iranians will remain in center of international concerns.

Global warming would play an effective rule in future of Iran. In last 50 years temperature increased one degree and obvious changes in seasonal regulations damaged agriculture and decreased amount of harvest. Water crisis treating dry and semi-dry areas even now. Power plants, Steel and mining industries depended on water and will not be beneficial any more.

Tourism had opened a new horizon into Iranian economy, a section which has a great potential based on natural and historical gifts. Primary substructure consist of training experts for restoration and conservation or introducing and guiding passengers, as well as constructing service section are developing very fast.

Iran is trying to picture a new industrial face base on ..
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Transoxiana to Mesopotamia, Persian gulf to Caspian sea..
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window to colorful world of vary nations and races,...
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Iran has gifted a for season climate condition
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