Three peaks

Sabaln, Alamkuh, Damavand

Ascend to three highest peaks of Iran

Mountains and valleys are nest for primary civilizations in area which called Iran. Zagros & Alburz are biggest ranges, still including most of cities. Hence seismic belt covering all country, Volcanoes spread every where as well.


Day 1-2. Arrive to country and getting familiar to atmosphere and culture and sightseeing in Tabriz with remarkable architecture and culture. Here, historical bazar has the longest rout in country and including hundreds of section and directions. In afternoon we drivr to Meshkin.Day 3 . Meshkin is the most closest city to mount Sabalan. Early morning after a short drive to moeil villages and leave or luggage in mountain lodge, start a short ascend to onne of surrounding peaks.
Day 4. pack for high camp and leave toward it. It demands 70 km of drive in mountain roads. Our camp is in 3700m. later we will go for a trek to 4000 and get backDay 5. Today we would have our first peak, Mount Sabalan, 4811 m.
Day 6. we gonna descend down from mountain and drive Caspian sea shores. after a walk in shores & lagoon continue to hotel in lahijan. Lahijan is known for local tea and cookies.Day 7. drive along Caspian shores and turning south to forests and valley. road will turn to dirt & finally ending to mountain lodge, where we over night and get ready for second summit.
Day 8. In morning first we start on 4×4 for an hour and arrive to a gorge. hiking for 3 hours will lead us to an open range in south face of Alamkuh. Mules will carry the luggage. The camp site is surrounded by many 4000 m peaks.
setting camp and enjoy views of glaciers and rocks.
Day 9-10. Of course that all surrounding peak are calling and all have different story, but we just could try 1 or 2 of them as acclimatization. on day 10 We will start our approach to Alamkuh by sunrise to summit at noon time and have enough time for descend.
Day 11-12. Hiking down from mountain to cars and drive to lodge and continue to shores of Caspian sea. overnight there and in next morning following road to reach to last village on northeast face of Damavand.Day 13-14. 1 hour on 4×4 cars will drove us to starting point of day. Then we have a long hike to high camp in 4400 m.
setting camp and sleep soon. On day 14. we start before light to save our time. This will be a long and special day, summit Damavand 5670 m.
Day 15. This could be a reserve day for summit in case of bad weather. We will descend to village and Tehran in afternoon anyway.Day 16-17. Today we have sightseeing in Tehran including complex of palaces and Grand bazaar, getting ready for flying back home.



Damavand is a stratovolcano in Iran, in 5670 m altitude. It’s about thausand meter above every thing to the west till american continent. highest peak in Iran and middle-east as well. phumolar drains are many at top and exhausting yellow and white gas.Sabalan volcano in northwest of Iran, consist of several stratocolanos higher that 4000 around each other. highest point is 4811m above free oceans. This mountain plays an important national roll for local people and all Azerian people respect it very much.
Caspian sea is surrounded by five countries and Iran shared all southern shores. It’s mostly known by caviars of its sturgeons. It also has oil & gas resources underneath. Second highest peak in Iran is placed in a departed area which surrounded by mountains an all valleys are long and has glaciers running in.

comfort camp

We will set a suitable camp with kitchen and daily warm meal and breakfast, fully service dinning tent

Difficulty & Technical

Thanks to generous nature of Iran it’s easily possible to fix our activity level in same rout. It will maintain according to season and members.

Trekking Days Overview

DayFromTo max.Altitude(m)Ascend(m)Camp. Altitude(m)DistanceDifficulty Level
3MoeilAyghar peak360014002200152/5
4Mountain hut in Sabalanhike for acclimatization 4000300370032/5
5 Mountain hut in Sabalan Sabalan peak 48111111370074/5
8TangeluHesarchal 3800300380032/5
9Hesarchal Stare 4400600380010 3/5
10 Hesarchal Alamkuh peak 485010503800104/5
14TakhtfreydunDAmavand peak56711270440075/5

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