Arax & Azerbaijan

Exploring azerian culture and life style along aras river

Aras river fountained in turkish part of Zagros mountain range, crossing 5 countries for 1500 kilometers, terminates in Caspian sea, nourishing lands and civilizations, defining borders and …


Day 1-2. Arrive to country and getting familiar to atmosphere and culture and sightseeing in Tabriz with remarkable architecture and culture. Here, historical bazar has the longest rout in country and including hundreds of section and directions. Day 3 . In the morning we set all riding equipment and drive to Kandovan village, a volcanic rocky valley which people preferred to carve their houses in the rock due to severe cold and construction tradition. Then we continue toward Urmia and start to ride few kilometers to biggest salt lake “Urmia Lake” and cross it via long bridge over it.
Day 4. Urmia city has variety of culture and religions living together in a rich ground with plenty of goods and fruits. We have enough time to visit a church and great mosque. Later we drive to reach a restricted wild life park named after a peak “Mishu”.  We ride and enjoy landscape till arrive to Marand. Day 5. Today, we just start right after breakfast and drive to north. Our destination will be the city of Maku. But before when we got to small city of Ziaodin. We will change to bike and to a road that lead us to a special church, “Qarekelisa”. We will ride to there.
Day 6. Aras River had long background in history and heroic literature for its neighbors. Today, firstly we drive to get to Aras lake where they made a reservoir dam on river, then ride along the border. On our way we can visit the Stephanos monastery, second most respected monument for Armenian minority of area.
Day 7. drive along border again and on road to Kleibar we change to our bike and will arrive to famous Kleibar stronghold. Babak, heroic leader of patriot Iranian revolutionaries kept his position there against a long surrounding by Abbasid troops. Our riding road passes through step forests and farms. Probably would be the most memorable views of our trip.
Day 8. We pass small local villages and nomadic camp. Thanks to cool weather in summer times, green grosses will last longer and it a great chance to meet their life style. We continue our ride before “Ahar” city and drive the rest. This evening we reach to third highest peak in country “Sabalan” which is volcanic. We will enjoy the heat of natural spas very close to where we overnight. Day 9. Our plan is drive to Caspian Sea. we pass city of Ardabil with a world heritage monument, “Sheikh Safi” shrine, with unique ornaments and mesmerizing colors. Later We will change to bike & descend to green zone of Caspian Sea southern coastline, to -26m below free oceans. we reach to a forest, connected to Caspian Sea.
Day10. When we wake up we will find that our hotel was between sea and a Lagoon, Anzali lagoon with its wild life calling us for a boat ride in morning, when birds singing and lilies blooming. Then we have a long drive to Tehran, with a short Break in Qazvin. Day11-12. Tehran is a large city with hundreds of monument and museums. Besides Traffic and pollution, city is very alive and fast. We try to visit one of famous palaces and grand bazar of Tehran, where we feel a city of 15 million inhabitants. getting ready for departure flight



In Kadovan people living in rocks. they carve their house and shops and barns in volcanic rocks.Urmia lake is biggest internal for country an also biggest salt lake in middle-east. it plays an important roll to maintain Eco system of its surrounding
St.Thaddeus monastery is second most respected monument for armenian christians. Aras river fountained in turkish part of Zagros mountain range, crossing 5 countries for 1500 kilometers, terminates in Caspian sea, nourishing lands and civilizations, defining borders and …
Kleibar stronghold were been untouchable for a long period, protesting patriot revolutionists. Sabalan volcano is third highst peak of country,4811m. volcanic crater is filled with water and frosted. but phumula spas are hot in bottom.

Supporting Vehicle

All Paths, routs and distances are tuned for moderate bike riders and obviously not fixed. Even riding parts are all selected in section which is possible to extend or shorten. plus supporting vehicle that always following us.

Difficulty & Technical

Thanks to generous nature of Iran it’s easily possible to fix our activity level in same rout. It will maintain according to season and members.

Biking Days Overview

DayFromToDistance(km)Ascend(m)Descend(m)Difficulty Level
3Eslami IslandUrmia402002002
4TsujMarand 307009503
5Ziaodin Qarekelisa 406002004
6Aras lakeJolfa 604007503
7Kleibar road Kleibar 357501200 4
8 Kleibar Ahar 406006003

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