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When we mention the country of Iran it doesn’t point to a specific surrounded bordered lands with unique solid culture or nation, for sure it would have a rainbow of races with variety of religion, nationality, language, culture,… that gathered through history. Architecture and art might looks specific compare to far western styles, but no borders could defined in between. Here Azerbaijanian, Turkmen, Afshari, Shahsavan, and many more races of just Turk dialect peoples are living in half of country, where Kurdish and Arabs are many too.

Changing dynasties with different origins touched formation of new styles, when we look to touristic aspect of cities. Historical monuments like bazaar and mosque are remarkable every where and somewhere might placed next to a palace or mausoleum. some times in traveling on roads a caravansary emerge in middle of nowhere.

In city tour we meet remarkable building like mosques, palaces, fortresses, synagogue, cathedrals, monastery, royal residences,.. or museums of archaeological, Treasury, cultural,…collections. Geological phenomenon of Iran hands several opportunities for explore natural wonders such, Canyons, Waterfalls, sand dunes, Ice caves, Forests, Salt lakes, Fumaroles, Natural spas, Endemic animals

recall historical memories of Iran by a short Glance
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different look to Iran far from cliches more close to people
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from the most south gulf we visit dry land which seems deserted
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