Ski Tours

for years It was known that Iran is almost covered with desert and dry land which is correct, and also it was mentioned in hush, in few pages of geological or historical text that there are few mountainous areas. Recently, thanks to great effort of some explorers and also modern medias, many people around world learnt of snow covered mountain ranges, even surprising slopes in high altitudes like 4000m with great amount of powder, last for more than a season. Such a great opportunity for ski fans and for Iran to be observed differently. In fact most of cities have snow season and people are mostly grew up in cold winter condition, may not be so familiar with ski culture, but basically experienced to live and survive in cold weather. That helped to have a sudden jump in number of skiers and due to few number of ski resorts and vast number of mountainous areas with snow, they mostly oriented to ski touring. New destinations recognized and local people are getting familiar to this sport, and preparing to serve and establish a new economy.

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