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Mountaineering in Iran

Mountaineering, in every level of it, firstly doesn’t recognized as a sport in Iran and every one might spend his evening in bottom hills of close ranges. For many nation like here which their life style depended on water mountain, its easy to trace back respectful character of mountain idle in names and inscriptions. Social rebels ran into mountain and heroes spend their training time there, leaders and profits came back from it with messages and a mountaineer is a persona reflects stamina and courage.

sulforic hills

Historical records of mountain activity, retuned to thousand year ago in Iran and classic approaches with technical reports of efforts are not older than 100 years.
Like many other countries military purposes started this movement and later followed with geographical efforts to draw down mountainous regions.

Our trekking tours are carried in different mountain ranges of country which has different temperaments,
from long trips to explore far valley and peaks or find special moments to get lost in a landscape beauty,
or special technical approaches to high mountain or big names, …

Damavand region
northeast route
ascending second highest peak of Iran and exploring 4000m peaks
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Ascending highest peak of Iran, Mount Damavand
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Three Peaks
ascending three highest peaks to stand on top of Iran
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