ALAMKUH mountain tour


Duration10 Days
Activitieswalking, Trekking, sightseeing
Priceplease contact us
Available on May Jun Jul Aug Sep

Alamkuh is second highest peak in Iran. as high as Mont blanc, north face is vertical and only possible to climb in some routs, but south routs are long and far.


Technical detail


Accommodation in different cities are defined due primary basic agreements of this tour and  might goes to 5 star or local houses. Stars and branding of hotels in Iran may not match some of detailed standards but includes all of basic comfort necessities. According to location all may not be possible, but simple 3 star hotel with shower and fresh bed sheets are always possible. Overnight in camp tents are all supported by us with suitable tent and mattress.


Roads are most developed transportation substructure in Iran and easily reliable for planning a tour. Also drive and driving services are available every where. Its always better to hire locals special when we get far from big cities. Quality of service may not be guaranteed but they wont let you down.

for longer routs bus transportation will be reasonable, because its the main system. If you are not sensitive to accurate minutes in public buses, then you would enjoy comfort of seats and sometimes magnificent sideview in long drives.

Private van or buses are wonderful for groups. With a simple organizing they can go everywhere anytime.

Train trips are accessible but rails are not conducted to every corner and and station sometimes are far from city. Even in this situation its recommended for some routs.

Flights are daily available from Tehran to big cities. To fly between other cities it may not be possible every day or every time. 


Training and classification of guiding service is young here, as its industry, Tourism.

But guides are always respected & recommended several times, they may not be trained but they have big heart. In cities or mountain they have great experience in technical subjects and also long history to travel with foreigners.

In recent years, there is a big wave of graduated guides that had join to business and grow it to a different stages. accuracy and standards are easy to feel with them.


In exploring wonders of nature and approaching far destination, it is inevitable to set a camp in different locations, based on local information. Water sources or rain and flood streams or ... are important to locate camp site. We support all equipment such as suitable tent and mattresses beside all necessary info and connections, and also we can provide a quiet service like kitchen and dinning tent with variable menu.


We do always try to plan and predict every aspect of  tour and also ready to add or call other supporting options to handle any surprising condition. 

Alamkuh is second highest peak in Iran and mostly known for its north face wall, high as 800m.

Caspian sea located between five country and most of southern coastlines heirs to Iran. Caspian has famous Caviar of its storgeon and also oil & gas resources.

Chalus road, road 59 was constructed 80 years ago due to some militia necessities, but now is one the most touristic routs in Iran, connecting Tehran to Caspian area.

Tehran, Capital city Of Iran, has more than 15 million inhabitants. Also is political and economical capital, having great effect on culture and life style in Iran. There are more than hundred museum, each one dedicated to a historical or national subject.

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